Monday, April 2, 2012

Super Sick plus no Charger


So, while my stories are pilling up, so are the phlegm filled Carrefour tissues next to my bed, in a word, I am sick. Really sick in fact and not really taking care of myself the last few days is not making me any better. I got four hours of sleep the first night that i was here and three the second. Add that to jet lag and staying in a hostel will 12 other people plus Brandon's workout routine of walking, plus being in France and doing things you would never do and wanting to see everything you possible can fit into one day and bam!!! You are really, really under the weather.

I should post an audio clip of my voice, but I do have to say, the nasal congestion makes my accent a bit better and also allows me to mumble!

Thankfully though, i am at Claire's where I can get some rest. Paris was not really that conducive for down time as noted above, but I digress.

Basically, I have a really hot fever, can't tell you how hot, but that when I put my head in between my legs, it burns my knees, but that is a story for another time. I can't hear or breathe because I am so congested and my lips are chapped within an inch of my life. But i just bought this really pretty guava sparkle Chapstick, which I love, so that alone is helping! As long as I can look pretty, all is well! Additionally, my nose is raw from tissues, as a pack of like 25 mini tissue packs were €1,25. There's quality right there! Should have bought Kleenex brand not Carrefour!

To add to the fun, I accidentally left my computer charger in Brandon's bag, and he is two hours away by phone. So at this point, still, my computer is a large paperweight and not useful for anything. So I guess until the weekend, it will be blogging by iPhone and by Claire's laptop.... All good options though.

So, I have two stories from Paris that I will hopefully get around to sharing by the end of today. One involves me almost dying, literally, and the other cannot be done justice in print but I will try, this I guess will be my test of how good of a writer I am. But until then, I'll catch you up on details.

Today is Tuesday, I arrived in Paris on Friday, and was there with Brandon until Sunday night. I then met Claire at the train station in Paris, and we rode it to Lyon, where she lives. I'll spend the week here, until this weekend when we will go somewhere, location still to be determined. Okay, enough for now, too much detail and you will get confused :)

Alright, well its 6:47am, I should be sleeping but I am not... Go figure. Heading to a cool cafe with Claire around eight and the we'll see how the rest of the day plays out!


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