Thursday, April 5, 2012

It is Thursday!

Yesterday was Wednesday!

What did I do.... hmmm. Oh yeah, now I remember,

Claire had a meeting at a bank to see about getting a loan for school next year. I went with her, the weather wasn't all that great, but y'a know. I sat in the lobby reading while she met with the lady.

Before I left, I borrowed a friends kindle, and for as much as I prefer to read an actual book, the kindle is so great for traveling...  obviously! Anyway, it's great because carrying my stuff around is already heavy enough and being able to carry 80 books at one time is really a feat.

Currently, no one book is dominating my attention, so I have three going. The Reason for God by Tim Keller, The Namesake by an Indian Woman whose name i have no clue how to pronounce or spell, and On The Road by Jack Kerouac. All are pretty good, The Reason for God is winning with being the most relevant, The Namesake is starting to get really, really whiny so that is almost completely on hold, and On The Road is so far still fun.

Back to France. I read in the lobby, Claire had her meeting, and then we headed back to her apartment to eat lunch. She made Salade Lyonaise, as you may have seen in my previous post. It was delicious. She made it a bit differently for what we had on hand, which also did include an onion stolen from her roommate. It was a fried egg cooked with thick bacon and onions and cheese, over arugula with a tarragon balsamic vinaigrette that claire made. Who's the chef now!

Apparently I am supposed to make lunch today... so not happening... we are going to be eating hot dogs.

With the lunch, yesterday, we has a bottle of wine that we had bought, and boy! was it strong. So instead of going to the market like we had planned, Claire watched Grey's Anatomy and I read The Reason for God. Slow reading it was, let me tell you.

Finally, an hour and half later, we made it outside and went to the grocery store to rebuy the stolen onion, and then to get some other things... juice, cereal, and gummies. Claire and i have a renewed cereal addiction and are about to be working on our third box. Big lunches and small dinners of cereal are our montra, however, like most things involving food, we failed at that last night.

After the grocery store, we went to meet her friend AnneSophie in town to go shopping. AnneSophie is a German teacher at Claire's school, but her French is AMAZING. Totally fluent and she sounds French. So jealous. She invited us to this dinner with some other German teachers and my god, my stomach barely made it through that.

So, skip a few hours and Claire and I meet up for dinner with the Germans. We are going to a typical Lyonaise dinner, which mean a lot of food! And when i say a lot, I mean a lot!

For 23 euros we had..... a amuse bouche, soup, palate cleanser ice cream, magret de canard, fromage blanc, and and praline tarte. At least that was what i ordered. So basically six course, 23 euros and rivaling one of the best meals that have even eaten. Like close to Canlis. And that is how all the place are here. Can you even imagine what that would have cost at home.

Claire and I were dying to take pictures of the food because it was so pretty, but we were surround by the Germans and French, and that would have been weird! So we resisted. But it was so fun and so delicious! At the end, Claire and I were so uncomfortable because we had eaten so much!

We rode the metro back home and I immediately fell asleep! I was so tired!

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