Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Reading Day

Today, started out a bit slowly as well. (It's funny, I write this like it's today, when actually I am recapping the day before, which in actuality, is your today. Currently, your today, my tomorrow, I am stuffing my face with delicious brioche... yum! 2 pieces down the hatch already, plus a bowl of cereal with warm unrefridgerated milk....gross..! 

Claire just asked if she should have half a slice of brioche or half of a cupcake... I said that they are basically the same thing. And really, they are, one just has sprinkles, the other chocolate chips.

But I digress. TODAY,(my yesterday, your today) was fun. Brandon, which surprised us all, got even worse. The poor dude, he is not exactly the epitomy of health right now. Hopefully, in a few days, he'll be better. But until then, here is a picture from last week, which will add to my "Where's Brandon?" story. Notice the sign in the background!

In the mornings, I have been waking up early, which is weird to Claire, but I bet Milds and PT would be thrilled if I woke up this early at home! I am getting up at like 7am! I may have to do with the fact that my window shade is broken, but either way, it's nice to be up alone. It's when I blog to all of you people!

Anyway, we all get up, Claire is now a slave to the kindle, we eat breakfast, which was brioche, cupcakes, cereal, and tea... wow, healthy! And then, wait! It's time for lunch! Okay.

 Here is lunch. It was a frozen pizza, that to be honest, was not great, and canned peas! The peas were, good, no clue what we are going to do with that second frozen pizza. Brandon did not eat, here he is...

(Claire, who is currently reading in real time, just declared that she will read for 15 more minutes, and then will get ready. Yeah, right!)

Back to the today (my yesterday, your today)

Some funny things that Claire has said:

"They should make brioche as the Eucharist in church, maybe then more people would go."

"Guys, I'd just like to point out that we smell very human right now, I prefer to smell like chemicals."

Then it was 2h00 and Brandon's train was leaving at 2h40. So Claire and I quickly got ready and headed with him to the "gare." Time for your french lesson, hopefully you can figure out what a "gare" is.

There, we got stuck on an escalator when some rich Russian guys with like 15 bags, who tripped and made the escalator stop. So, there we were stuck between Russians, who spoke no English or French. Brandon, who speaks the most Russian, was barely there with us. Eventually, we got around them, the train people were telling us to come down, we ignored them and walked to the top.

Here is Brandon about to leave!

That was fun. After he left, I bought a ticket to go see him on Thursday, and then Claire and I headed out to find a cafe in the sun to do what else... read.

As we walked, I saw this sign. Claire works in Villeurbanne. Pretty name, right. I keep calling is Urbanville.. not as nice, but funny.

 By the way, the trees are blooming here, it's really pretty.

A few streets later, we passes this store. It's a wooden toy store where they make all the toys by hand. Thought that was cool, and oddly enough, open.

Kept walking, and came to this really cool park! Claire had never been to. The sun was shining and there was an open cafe, so we went. It was totally overpriced, but a fun two and half hours of listening to Claire comment, enjoy, and guess what was going to happen in The Hunger Games, while I read... The Namesake.

Ugh! Nah, it's not that bad, really readable actually with a lot of interesting thinking points, I am just having trouble connecting with a Bengali boy/man (the story spans his life but really, the guy is so immature!) who is incredibly selfish and can't get over the fact that he has a weird first name. Get over it! You can't blame life happening on being name Gogol!

 Really good Perrier Fraise here! We also had a cafe creme after. My are we French! People around us kept getting annoyed that we were reading and not talking. Ha! Oh, check out the man in the background, he is wearing a purple sweater, purple pants, and purple converse!

 Here is the park! Those French were playing petoncle.
 A pretty fountain!

 Around five, we left to go back to the super cool mall just to walk around when the stores were actually opened. Here is the front!

Another fun fact, this mall is not in the nicest place of town. I think that they are trying to revitalize this district... there used to be a prison nearby. So, I'm guessing, in about three years, this place will be epic!

Keep in mind, this is one of like three places that are open today. The reading cafe, the wood toy shop, and this. Let's be clear. It was crowded!

Apparently, I only go to really crowded places in France! Sorry, you are seeing the behind the scenes, gritty, everyday French life. It is not all wine and cigarettes here. People have real problems, like having to wait in line to go into Hollister. Love that the Hollister scarf that I was wearing is such a novelty here. It probably is worth like $90, and I am just sure that is not what my brother paid for it.

And yeah, that was the mall. It was packed. Then Claire and I came home around 8, ate some leftovers, more brioche, and more books.To be honest, I am dying to know what is going to happen in mine, but am super jealous that Claire is almost onto Mockingjay!


(no that is not a grade)

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