Thursday, November 25, 2010

The Cure

So let's just talk about some great things in life right now.

My week has been so crazy awesome i can't begin to go into details, but in summary, i went to a million sporting events and sat really really close. Like reach out and touch Lebron James close. Like yell and they can hear me close. Like i can see and smell their sweat close. But i digress.

Today was Thanksgiving, it was at my aunt and uncle's house and was amazing! best turkey ever, super super moist, not dry. Apparently, the trick is to cook the turkey half the time upside down, so all the juices go into the breast, and then flip em and BAM, no ref to emeril intended, i dont really like him,  the bird was legit!!! Yum!

Right now, i am doing tons of homework, but i had to, had to, share two things.

One, my aunt and I made some chocolate biscotti this weekend that is out of this world!! I will post the recipe later but it was absurdly good!!!! Crazy good. Everyone must try this.

And two. I am totally obsessed with The Cure right now. Like can't get enough loving it. It reminds me of when i got the B-52's Cosmic Thing. Way less epic album, but it was so different and cool it was fabulous.

Okay, but with The Cure, for me it's like the 80's meet Jack's  Mannequin. Now, nothing can compare to Jack's Mannequin in my book, especially after seeing them in concert, they are way better live by the way, but i have to tell you, The Cure is just good. They have a good sounds, cool lyrics, and it's different. Yes, there are 80's synthesizers in the song, but were not talking like Music and Lyrics overdone, its just done right.

So, all this said, go check out The Cure. That's my suggestion. I like em, you should too.

You know, i pride myself on being an individual and now i am sharing all my secrets, aka recipes and music likes. Hopefully, and i am almost certain, that there aren't enough people who follow this blog that i will have to many copies like me running around. [insert laugh here].

Enough about me, go live your life.


Sorry about the typos, i hate rereading and i make tons of errors because i type fast.

Thursday, November 18, 2010


I didn't write yesterday! I missed my midnight deadline, by the time I was home it was 3am and November the 17th was already gone. Oops.

A few things have been happening, but not too much. I am getting ready to leave for Florida tomorrow which should be a fun trip. I am also excited because i am visiting with a friend on my way down. To top it off we are meeting at a French bakery, yay!. That will compliment the tuna sandwich on a baguette that I am eating right now.

Okay so funny story.

This week, i was speaking with Lauren about our annual Christmas Party. The Eight, that's what we call ourselves, have it every year and this year i decided to take the reigns and plan the things. So, like any good american my age, i went to facebook to plan the event.

As many of you know, i was recently in France, so appropriately, my facebook is in French.

Anyway, i go and make the event, and invite the other seven girls. I put in all the details, and hit save and send.

Also to keep in mind, this is an underwear exchange party, and the picture i choose to use was of a half naked Miranda Kerr. Anyway.....

The next day, i start getting messages about people wanting to come to my party, or people love the idea and now want to do it themselves.

I am thinking to myself, how do they know about this? It is a private event.... or so i thought.


I actuality, i had forgotten to make the event private, and had conveniently, and ever so easily, invited everyone i knew.

Teachers, guys, people in class, people i don't like, everyone. Great.

So, this whole week, i have either gotten confused remarks from people wondering why they were invited to this thing, or people telling me that they are having their own underwear party and that i am invited. At this point, that $25 limit is starting to hurt.... i can only afford to go to so many of these things!

So that was fun, and embarrassing. Note to self..... always read the entire form of something.

In other news, there was a meteor shower last night. A bunch of us went, it was a bit unimpressive and terribly cold but the company was fun, plus i did get to see a few shooting stars. Thanks b.o.b.

Btw , this tuna sandwich is amazing.

Alright, that was long story. So, until tomorrow,


Oops!!! Almost forgot! We had a leadership meeting at my house last night and i made some cookies. Here's the recipe, its the best! It's really simple. Be sure not to add too much buttermilk or it gives them a funny after taste.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Rainy Tuesday

Not much to report, it's been kind of slow this week.
Today Tech is playing at 4pm which i am really pumped about, should be fun to watch, but i think that we may get creamed becuase we are playing the number three team. Who knows, maybe we'll win, that would be awesome.
Last night i had a volleyball game. My team is in the advanced bracket of the intermural tournament. I have to say, this is the most fun that i have had playing volleyball in a long time!!! It was so fantastic. Everyone played so so well and we won!!! So we move on.... yes!!! Next game for me is Thursday, i'll keep you posted.
Okay, so right now, i am completely obsessed with Kate Voegele. (No comment Marisa, we can discuss this later.) Every song on each of her albums is awesome. Right now, totally digging: Lift Me Up, I Won't Disagree, Angel, and like four others that i can't think of the name of. Listen!!! The're great.
Last night my roommate Lindsey made this AMAZING pumpkin apple muffins. They were honestly the best muffin i have ever had. If i ever open my bakery, i might just have to steal the recipe from her becuase honestly, these were legit. Hands down amazing. You know, everyone once in a while something good, food wise, comes along and just blows your mind. Yeah, these were those muffins.
And keeping on that food note, i recently found a great recipe for oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. Aunt Patti might be upset to find that i am no longer a fan of my old recipe, but this one is way better. The cookie is less sweet, but a bit denser and fuller as there are some nuts in it. I hightly recommned this recipie, delicous.
Okay there was some rambleing, nothing really going on this week that i am too pasionate about. Maybe the next will be more exciting. Oh! wait more thing.
This is a must have, it smells so good and the only reason i am thinking about it is because i am sitting right next to it!
I recently bought some soap from l'occitane and i am obsessed!!! It smells fabulous!!!
You should try it or a least smell it, it's intoxicating.
Maybe next time if i still have nothing to report, i'll talk about my favorite things.... hmmm that would be fun.

Monday, November 15, 2010


It is so easy to post on this blog, I have to keep stoping myself from posting. Honestly, I don't have much to say at this point becuase the only place that I have been this morning is to French class.

Currently it is November in Virginia, and shockingly, it is not cold!!! So bizzarre.

Okay, I will update later when something, hopefully, more exciting has happened, but for now, i'll just keep posting to form the habit.


Sunday, November 14, 2010

Day One

So last week I thought that I would be a cool idea to start vlog. I kinda copped out and am now just doing a blog, but hopefully sometimes I will post some videos so it will be a semi-vlog. We'll see.

Also, this is my second blog. I wasn't too faithful with the first but I will try to be better with this one. I think that I am more motivated this time and there is less pressure, and this one is easier to update. If anything, having this blog will improve my typing and writing skills.

So, tonight, I went to a shindig called "Shake Your Tail Feather." Basically it was a pre Thanksgiving feast, however I spared nothing and ate like it was the actual day. I guess that you could say i was practicing for next week when the real thing goes down. We were supposed to bring a something so I brought one of my favorite desserts. I can't believe that I am going to share where I got this recipe, but oh well, enjoy.

It's pretty stinkin' good, but the trick is to add extra apples because they kind of disintegrate when you bake the thing. But overall and awesome dessert. Good practice making pastry by hand as well.

Not much else is happening at The Treehouse these days, for those who don't know, that's what we call the house where we live. I am trying to do 100 sit up everyday, but so far that has been a bit inconsistent. I am thinking that it is going to be every other day, as people keep telling me you shouldn't be working the same muscle groups everyday; they need 48 hours to recover. I'll let you know, maybe when my abs get rock hard I can post a picture, there's some motivation right!

Okay, off to do some French..... arg.


p.s. Lindsey say's hi!