Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Picking back up.....

So getting back on the travelling track, things are about to get busy. I leave for France in less than two months and have no shortage of tasks to get done before my departure date, August 30.

One big step in this whole process is I think, getting my visa. The I think comes from no one ever telling me that I actually need a visa as well as my school only emailing me once since I got accepted. But going off of that information, I think it's reasonable to get a visa considering I will, in theory, be out of the country for 15 months.

Well, getting a french visa is an almost endless task but the final step after tons of paperwork is getting the actual visa.Normally, once would just go to their closest consulate and pick one up. However, my closest consulate happens to be in San Francisco, California. Right next door. Honestly, even LA would have been way better. But no, San Cisco, here we come.

Who is the We? Well, I found out that this trip was happening about 5 days before it actually happened. I asked Marisa to come and after some careful deliberation on her part, she came into my room at midnight and declared, "I come." My first thought was, "Where?" But after a few seconds figured it out.

So, without further ado, I present to you, "Marisa and Brittany Go to California."