About Me

A friend told me you should always start emails by asking how the other person is doing and I wholeheartedly agree with him. And while this is not an email, I think that the same rules can apply, right?

How are you doing?

Haha, so enough about you, now about me! I am not boring, but by many's standards I am. I like to read as of late, a hobby that is finally carrying over from my childhood. I live in Hawaii. I really like good wine, good cheese, and all around good food. I am very picky about it being good. I will eat anything, as long as it is made well. I like to wear black. I am finally lightening up my hair after all of these years as a dark brunette. It takes me a while to warm up to people. I am trying to get off this rock.... known as paradise. (That was a couple years ago.)

Fast Forward to the update! I now live in Paris! Made it off the rock.. it's been two years.. heading back to the rock and more excited than ever!

My hope is with this blog that you will get to see a few places you've never seen before, you'll get a being the scene look into my cooking successes... and nightmares and hopefully will get the occasional kick out of my writing style. But hey, if not, you always have the entire internet to explore!

If you want to get in contact, have a question or want to just drop me a line or have something to share with me that I should really know about, feel free to contact me! (Please nothing sketchy, crude or gross... not really my style!)

You can visit my contact page here or just use the info below.

Brittany Burkhalter

111 Hekili Street
Suite A#280
Kailua, HI 96374

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