Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Alright, so as I sit here, speaking with my roommates, Meagan and Stefanie, in a country accent, and I am trying to find some things interesting enough to blog about.

I have been trying to refrain from talking about myself, even my Magazine Writing teacher tells me that you shouldn't do that, and instead I would rather tell you about a funny story or a cool fact that I found throughout the day. But, as I have nothing, you are getting a story about me.

Perhaps you all may know, I like to cook. And with that comes many triumphs, and many failures.... but hopefully more successes right.

On success, could be the discovery of, "The Chicken."

Every Tuesday and Thursday, my teacher, Carlos, asks anyone if they have any chicken recipes. Every time, I want to yell, YES! but still have yet to do so.

The Chicken, recipe was discovered about two years ago and has never failed to please a crowd. It's my go to meal when I have nothing else to make, or, when I went to eat something delicious. :)

I think that maybe next week I will share my super secret chicken recipe.

Carlos, this is probably the best chicken dish that I make, and I make a lot of chicken. Look for my chicken recipe to come soon..... remember, it's secret!

Anyway, so enought about a success, everyone secretly love a good failure. They happen to me, occasionally, and sometimes, more often than I would like. This week was definitely more than I would like.

I am sad to admit, but I have had two, count them, TWO! grease fires this week!

Yes, I am fairly embarrassed, but it happens.....right?

The first almost caused the casualty of Brandon's new wok. Luckily, after two foot high flames, a bit of burnt arm hair, people running out of the kitchen screaming, a dish towel, not water in the wok, and later a reset fire alarm, we were able to save both the wok and the dinner.

Thank God, because it was delicious!

Round two, searing my fillet mignon from dinner last night. Any hopes that I had had of not making my roommates jealous of my late night dinner were immediately smothered with the second flame up. This time, I tried to close the doors to the kitchen to keep the smoke inside, however, the only success there was successfully suffocating myself.

A burned finger later, I made a shallot, mushroom, and Beaujolais pan sauce, and ate my dinner.

It was fabulous.

I think that I made need to move a fan into the kitchen for any further flame ups. Or maybe a fire extinguisher, we'll see.

Go eat something delicious tonight!


P.S. about to make myself a tea latte. I heat a mug filled with equal parts milk and water in the microwave. Add a tea bag, some sugar, a dash of vanilla, stir, and enjoy!!!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Oh Hawaii

Neil Abercrombie... excuse me, Governor Neil Abercrombie announced today that he would not continue to push for the release of Barack Obama's birth certificate. 

Now, I am not writing this because I am one of those people who is just positive that he is not American, not that I really consider "Hawaii" America at all, but, really. 

I just don't understand why we can't see the freaking piece of paper.... what's the big deal? Why does it have to be so secretive? Is that normal? What do you think?

Here's an article about it.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


So my computer broke today. Right now, as I type, there are two one inch lines, one black and one white, going straight down the center of my computer from top to bottom. They have successfully turned my 13in widescreen into a six inch narrow screen, well two I guess. To see this glass half full, let's just say that now I have two small like monitors rather than one large one. I just got this computer in September.

But that isn't very interesting.

Currently I am reading "Bird by Bird" by Ann Lamont. Review to come later. This is book one in the Lauren and Brittany Book Club. In addition to our life long friendship, we have formed a life long book club. We'll by reading different books and posting our thoughts. I hope that we will find some good ones to share.

Song that I am obsessed with this week, "The World Spins Madly On" by The Weepies. I love it, it's so addicting. Actually, I am beginning to think that I like it so much because it is such and easy song to sings, and me being near next to tone deaf, loves anything that is within my two note range.

Other than that, didn't do any homework for tomorrow yet.... not good.

I am liking putting these pictures up too. Anyway, hopefully some exciting stuff will happen this weekend, or at least something overly interesting.

Until then,


I am trying to check for typos but I only get half way across the page! :)


Ignore this, I beat blogger!

Just wrote a whole post and it deleted!!! It was good too!

Here's the gist...

Computer is busted.

The Weepies, The World Spins Madly On

Reading Bird by Bird for Book Club

Man I am bummed that didn't save!


Sunday, January 9, 2011

Caught Red Handed, I Am Guilty

In seventh grade, I changed schools. On one of my first days in class, my silent sustained reading class, we took a survey. One of the questions asked, "How many books do you own?"

At the time, I was completely engrossed in my "Sammy Keys and the Hotel Thief" novel, very cool book cover by the way. I remember that question so distinctly because honestly, I had no idea how many books I had. I was an obsessive reader. I think that I answered 300 and that probably was an understatement.

I loved to read. Commonly, I would take out books and return them next day. It took the librarian only a few times to realize that I was finishing the books, and not just returning them because they were bad.

But the point of all of this was that I loved to read. I was addicted to reading. The Christmas before that year, I believe that I received 40 books, and it was great! Reading was my life.

And then seventh grade started..... and the reading stopped.

And thinking about that makes me very sad. I don't love to read anymore. I have tried over and over again to find that love for reading, but it is hidden somewhere far far away.

Sure, I read occasionally, but nothing serious, not like before. But I know that it's still out there, and I know that I can find it.

So I am going to begin the journey again. I am going to find my passion for the written word. It may be a long and hard journey, but I know when I find it, this will be great again.

Maybe I just need to reread Sammy Keys.

So, if any of you have been wanting to pick up a book again, but just can't seem to find the time because you are glued to your computer screen. This is your chance. Shut the lip and open up a book.

Good Luck!!!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Paint & J.B.

Today I painted my room. After so much back and forth over the color, I am really happy with the way that it turned out. Can add "Let it Rain," to my list of awesome paint colors.

Other than that, there is not really much to report. This break has been pretty lazy, in a good way, but not too much exciting stuff is going down. This was probably the reason why choosing a paint color was so stressful and took me two weeks.

Oh wait.

Jeff Bridges. He is having quite a month.

In the last week I have seen both Tron and True Grit. Tron was really cool, but I wouldn't go so far as to say excellent. The effects were way cool, however the story was a bit lacking. And the 3D glasses were starting to hurt my nose by the end.

True Grit was a great movie (and no 3D glasses). I was very skeptical to go, as it is a remake of a John Wayne and we have had a bit much of that in my house as of late, but I went anyway.

It was really great. Definitely a must watch for those who are NOT faint of heart. The sight of my mother carrying around a butchers cleaver today made by a bit nervous for my fingers.... but you should really go see it.

So I guess what I am trying to say is that Jeff is a pretty cool guy. I had always thought that, I mean duh! Seabiscuit...... but then I saw his blog. Now this is way cool...... way cool....... way cooler than mine for sure! If I could have a blog / draw like Jeff Bridges, everyone would want to be my friend.

Check it out!

Jeff, you get the coolness award for the day.


Monday, January 3, 2011

Back to the Blog


So I decided that it was just too hard to blog over Christmas. There is just too much going on and honestly i have had no real inspiration... to write on here or to do much of anything really.

However, i was reading an article the other day on inspiration.... that inspired me to write this. Here's a piece

"So for all of you right-brained kids out there who live and die by the strike of her match, I challenge you to kick Inspiration to the curb-- make her follow YOUR rules for a while. If you're writing a book and you've stopped because you're waiting... just START again. It doesn't have to be good or even fit into your story, but you can take control and choose to be a disciplined person"

So if you are in a creative rut... voila! my gift to you. Actually this article was really good for me. Pretty exciting, i am trying out a new pastry recipe today, cross your fingers i hope it works.

In other not so exciting news, i have been trying to expand my musical horizons, but it seems that everything that i discover has already been found out or is no longer cool. I guess that i will always be a step behind the times. It anyone can help put me ahead of the times, send some ideas my way.

Alright, so hopefully this was my start and i will get back on the blog train. If so, i am sure that the blogs to come will be much more exciting.