Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Alright, so as I sit here, speaking with my roommates, Meagan and Stefanie, in a country accent, and I am trying to find some things interesting enough to blog about.

I have been trying to refrain from talking about myself, even my Magazine Writing teacher tells me that you shouldn't do that, and instead I would rather tell you about a funny story or a cool fact that I found throughout the day. But, as I have nothing, you are getting a story about me.

Perhaps you all may know, I like to cook. And with that comes many triumphs, and many failures.... but hopefully more successes right.

On success, could be the discovery of, "The Chicken."

Every Tuesday and Thursday, my teacher, Carlos, asks anyone if they have any chicken recipes. Every time, I want to yell, YES! but still have yet to do so.

The Chicken, recipe was discovered about two years ago and has never failed to please a crowd. It's my go to meal when I have nothing else to make, or, when I went to eat something delicious. :)

I think that maybe next week I will share my super secret chicken recipe.

Carlos, this is probably the best chicken dish that I make, and I make a lot of chicken. Look for my chicken recipe to come soon..... remember, it's secret!

Anyway, so enought about a success, everyone secretly love a good failure. They happen to me, occasionally, and sometimes, more often than I would like. This week was definitely more than I would like.

I am sad to admit, but I have had two, count them, TWO! grease fires this week!

Yes, I am fairly embarrassed, but it happens.....right?

The first almost caused the casualty of Brandon's new wok. Luckily, after two foot high flames, a bit of burnt arm hair, people running out of the kitchen screaming, a dish towel, not water in the wok, and later a reset fire alarm, we were able to save both the wok and the dinner.

Thank God, because it was delicious!

Round two, searing my fillet mignon from dinner last night. Any hopes that I had had of not making my roommates jealous of my late night dinner were immediately smothered with the second flame up. This time, I tried to close the doors to the kitchen to keep the smoke inside, however, the only success there was successfully suffocating myself.

A burned finger later, I made a shallot, mushroom, and Beaujolais pan sauce, and ate my dinner.

It was fabulous.

I think that I made need to move a fan into the kitchen for any further flame ups. Or maybe a fire extinguisher, we'll see.

Go eat something delicious tonight!


P.S. about to make myself a tea latte. I heat a mug filled with equal parts milk and water in the microwave. Add a tea bag, some sugar, a dash of vanilla, stir, and enjoy!!!

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  1. the patrons at the library are wondering why i am laughing when they come up. i tell them it's nothing personal but i dont know if they believe me...