Monday, January 3, 2011

Back to the Blog


So I decided that it was just too hard to blog over Christmas. There is just too much going on and honestly i have had no real inspiration... to write on here or to do much of anything really.

However, i was reading an article the other day on inspiration.... that inspired me to write this. Here's a piece

"So for all of you right-brained kids out there who live and die by the strike of her match, I challenge you to kick Inspiration to the curb-- make her follow YOUR rules for a while. If you're writing a book and you've stopped because you're waiting... just START again. It doesn't have to be good or even fit into your story, but you can take control and choose to be a disciplined person"

So if you are in a creative rut... voila! my gift to you. Actually this article was really good for me. Pretty exciting, i am trying out a new pastry recipe today, cross your fingers i hope it works.

In other not so exciting news, i have been trying to expand my musical horizons, but it seems that everything that i discover has already been found out or is no longer cool. I guess that i will always be a step behind the times. It anyone can help put me ahead of the times, send some ideas my way.

Alright, so hopefully this was my start and i will get back on the blog train. If so, i am sure that the blogs to come will be much more exciting.


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