Thursday, November 18, 2010


I didn't write yesterday! I missed my midnight deadline, by the time I was home it was 3am and November the 17th was already gone. Oops.

A few things have been happening, but not too much. I am getting ready to leave for Florida tomorrow which should be a fun trip. I am also excited because i am visiting with a friend on my way down. To top it off we are meeting at a French bakery, yay!. That will compliment the tuna sandwich on a baguette that I am eating right now.

Okay so funny story.

This week, i was speaking with Lauren about our annual Christmas Party. The Eight, that's what we call ourselves, have it every year and this year i decided to take the reigns and plan the things. So, like any good american my age, i went to facebook to plan the event.

As many of you know, i was recently in France, so appropriately, my facebook is in French.

Anyway, i go and make the event, and invite the other seven girls. I put in all the details, and hit save and send.

Also to keep in mind, this is an underwear exchange party, and the picture i choose to use was of a half naked Miranda Kerr. Anyway.....

The next day, i start getting messages about people wanting to come to my party, or people love the idea and now want to do it themselves.

I am thinking to myself, how do they know about this? It is a private event.... or so i thought.


I actuality, i had forgotten to make the event private, and had conveniently, and ever so easily, invited everyone i knew.

Teachers, guys, people in class, people i don't like, everyone. Great.

So, this whole week, i have either gotten confused remarks from people wondering why they were invited to this thing, or people telling me that they are having their own underwear party and that i am invited. At this point, that $25 limit is starting to hurt.... i can only afford to go to so many of these things!

So that was fun, and embarrassing. Note to self..... always read the entire form of something.

In other news, there was a meteor shower last night. A bunch of us went, it was a bit unimpressive and terribly cold but the company was fun, plus i did get to see a few shooting stars. Thanks b.o.b.

Btw , this tuna sandwich is amazing.

Alright, that was long story. So, until tomorrow,


Oops!!! Almost forgot! We had a leadership meeting at my house last night and i made some cookies. Here's the recipe, its the best! It's really simple. Be sure not to add too much buttermilk or it gives them a funny after taste.

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