Thursday, November 25, 2010

The Cure

So let's just talk about some great things in life right now.

My week has been so crazy awesome i can't begin to go into details, but in summary, i went to a million sporting events and sat really really close. Like reach out and touch Lebron James close. Like yell and they can hear me close. Like i can see and smell their sweat close. But i digress.

Today was Thanksgiving, it was at my aunt and uncle's house and was amazing! best turkey ever, super super moist, not dry. Apparently, the trick is to cook the turkey half the time upside down, so all the juices go into the breast, and then flip em and BAM, no ref to emeril intended, i dont really like him,  the bird was legit!!! Yum!

Right now, i am doing tons of homework, but i had to, had to, share two things.

One, my aunt and I made some chocolate biscotti this weekend that is out of this world!! I will post the recipe later but it was absurdly good!!!! Crazy good. Everyone must try this.

And two. I am totally obsessed with The Cure right now. Like can't get enough loving it. It reminds me of when i got the B-52's Cosmic Thing. Way less epic album, but it was so different and cool it was fabulous.

Okay, but with The Cure, for me it's like the 80's meet Jack's  Mannequin. Now, nothing can compare to Jack's Mannequin in my book, especially after seeing them in concert, they are way better live by the way, but i have to tell you, The Cure is just good. They have a good sounds, cool lyrics, and it's different. Yes, there are 80's synthesizers in the song, but were not talking like Music and Lyrics overdone, its just done right.

So, all this said, go check out The Cure. That's my suggestion. I like em, you should too.

You know, i pride myself on being an individual and now i am sharing all my secrets, aka recipes and music likes. Hopefully, and i am almost certain, that there aren't enough people who follow this blog that i will have to many copies like me running around. [insert laugh here].

Enough about me, go live your life.


Sorry about the typos, i hate rereading and i make tons of errors because i type fast.

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