Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Rainy Tuesday

Not much to report, it's been kind of slow this week.
Today Tech is playing at 4pm which i am really pumped about, should be fun to watch, but i think that we may get creamed becuase we are playing the number three team. Who knows, maybe we'll win, that would be awesome.
Last night i had a volleyball game. My team is in the advanced bracket of the intermural tournament. I have to say, this is the most fun that i have had playing volleyball in a long time!!! It was so fantastic. Everyone played so so well and we won!!! So we move on.... yes!!! Next game for me is Thursday, i'll keep you posted.
Okay, so right now, i am completely obsessed with Kate Voegele. (No comment Marisa, we can discuss this later.) Every song on each of her albums is awesome. Right now, totally digging: Lift Me Up, I Won't Disagree, Angel, and like four others that i can't think of the name of. Listen!!! The're great.
Last night my roommate Lindsey made this AMAZING pumpkin apple muffins. They were honestly the best muffin i have ever had. If i ever open my bakery, i might just have to steal the recipe from her becuase honestly, these were legit. Hands down amazing. You know, everyone once in a while something good, food wise, comes along and just blows your mind. Yeah, these were those muffins.
And keeping on that food note, i recently found a great recipe for oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. Aunt Patti might be upset to find that i am no longer a fan of my old recipe, but this one is way better. The cookie is less sweet, but a bit denser and fuller as there are some nuts in it. I hightly recommned this recipie, delicous.
Okay there was some rambleing, nothing really going on this week that i am too pasionate about. Maybe the next will be more exciting. Oh! wait more thing.
This is a must have, it smells so good and the only reason i am thinking about it is because i am sitting right next to it!
I recently bought some soap from l'occitane and i am obsessed!!! It smells fabulous!!!
You should try it or a least smell it, it's intoxicating.
Maybe next time if i still have nothing to report, i'll talk about my favorite things.... hmmm that would be fun.

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