Sunday, December 5, 2010

Question of the Day

Okay, so i am loving this blogging thing, but i have been a bit absent this week as finals are starting.

As some of you know, i love random trivia. So i am going to try something.

I am going to frequently post questions of the day. If you know the answer ---without looking it up ---email, or message it to me via facebook. I will keep a tally, and at the end, you will get an awesome prize from me.

Today's Question:
What do you call a group of ravens?


We'll see how it goes.

In other news, i went to the ACC Football Championship last night. It was so fun and we killed FSU! Best part--- doing the FSU cheer against them. Go Tech!

Exams are starting so things are crazy, hopefully i can get myself through Hopkin's Comm Law class. But after  this week i will be home free and there will be a plethora of blog entries. Look for some great recipes as Christmas is upon us.

Okay, here's a joke before a i leave...

What's a boat that never sinks....... A friendship!

That's a little sentimental, but at Rohde's suggestion, I had to use it.

Remember, America is Awesome. And the best song ever right now is Just Like Heaven by The Cure.

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