Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Montpellier is Fun!

It's been a few days in Montpellier. It is so fun to be back here and to know where everything is, seeing people, yeah. It's funny, everyday, we have seen someone that we knew before. Like random people. We were on the tram far out yesterday, and saw this girl that Sohee had met the first week that we arrived here. Earlier in the week, we saw this kid Anthony. Just waiting to see Flora, my beloved French teacher, the only one who didn't hate me. 

Anyway, the weather has been pretty cold, freezing actually, but yesterday the sun did come out which was really nice. It is so fun to come see Celia because she just sticks us into her group of friends, so anyone that she is friends with, we are too! And they are always so nice, especially with my lack of language skills.

It's funny, this is the third year in a row that I have come back to France, and each time, shockingly, my comprehension gets way better. This week, I'm like, whoa! Did all of these words exist in French before. I mean certainly they have always been there! Ha, but that is really cool. So slowly, but surely, I improve.

Okay, now for the picture run through. I haven't been taking as many pictures lately, because nothing really seems that new or exciting. I would just be taking pictures of things that I already have pictures of. But, here was some cool stuff that I have seen and that we have been doing. 

Here is a video store near Celia's apartment. Yes, it does look like an Adult Video Store, but really, it's just a blockbuster. Can't get enough of Taylor Lautner's lameness. The other posters were cool too ;)

I believe that these pictures are from Sunday (Dimanche). Here, in Montpellier, everything, literally is closed on Sundays.  Except the zoo, so we went to the zoo. Brandon used to be a wildlife science major so he loves animals. I on the other hand, think that everything is an antelope. Also, the zoo is next to where we used to live, so we new where it was. On the way passed this dog grooming place which had that most bizarre name.

Okay, here are some shots from the zoo. Honestly, I really think this is the most ghetto zoo. But apparently it's nice. My favorite feature of it, is that it is free! Some guy donated all the land for it on the condition that there was no admission fee. I took this picture for Milds, they are Ibis!

These pictures are terrible, sorry that you are looking at them. This was a creepy cat. Brandon kept asking me if I saw one of these in the wild, what would I do? My answer each time, big animal or small, was freak out. I am really not a fan of wildlife.

Okay this was funny!! What is wrong with this picture?

Is he dead? Is he sleeping? He's dead! He's sleeping!
 At least that was what everyone was saying. I thought he was dead, but just as we left, he began to move. Brandon was relieved.
Some giraffes necking!
Doesn't this seem very Noah's Ark to you!? Two by two!

And then a wolf. I told you these pictures were not great.
At the end, we saw every single animal in the zoo except for one. It was fun, but man, that zoo was hilly. I was dead when we left. Really, really tired. We decided to head back home. Saw this walking home, thought it was funny.

It was!!!

At this point..... shocking! We were hungry. It being Sunday, everything was closed. So, it was getting late and we had no food and we didn't really want to eat out. We were on the tram trying to think of something when BAM! but we found a small grocery store that was open!!!. This is what we created with what they had.

Get the recipe here!

While we were making dinner, Celia invited her friend Anne-Lise to come over to meet The Americans. She rollerbladed here, in fact, she rollerblades everywhere. She was really nice and invited us to lunch at her house the next day, as she a roommate from Tinidad who speaks English.

The next day was Monday (Lundi). Celia had decided to get a tatoo. Here is the before picture.

So we all met up from lunch at Anne-Lise's house. It was Celia, Brandon, Alexia from Tinidad, Celia's friend Elodie, and me. At first it was quiet, but we all started talking and ended up staying there for four hours. It was really cool, because it turns out that Anne-Lise and Alexia are really involved with their church here. I had no idea that protestant Christians existed in France, much less that there was a church in Montpellier. They invited us to church the next evening.

Super cool peeps! Super fun afternoon!

The next day was Tuesday (Mardi). Look, this blog is educational!! Finally, the wind and the cold stopped, and the sun came out! There are two new tram lines now in Montpellier, that just opened this week actually... it is causing so much chaos... and one of them goes to the beach. Well, it kind of goes to the beach. Here is Brandon waiting for the tram.

So the tram goes near the beach. I still think it may be more efficient to take the bus like we used to because it gets you closed. We still had to walk for 30 minutes to get there after we go off the tram.

It was so nice! We ate a lunch of ice cream and fries and lemonade at a cafe, and then climbed out on some rocks to read. Yes, I have lost yet another friend to a book. Brandon is reading Water for Elephants, it's Celia's and she challenged him to finish it by Thursday...  it's really long. I am reading the Reason for God. I don't know how far Brandon is actually getting in his book, because every two minutes, I am reading something aloud from mine.

Love, love, love the kindle.

Love the kindle.

I stole the good reading spot! My rock was perfect. Brandon kept trying to find something as good, he was playing musical rocks!

And there was the beach! It was so great. Amazing! Enourme! After that we headed back home. More update on that later, but right now, we are heading out to go hiking!


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  1. So did you ever get to church? Loved the ibis, the beach, the friends.....