Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Laundry Day

In the words of Emily Gilmore....

"Laundry Day. Everything young people do sounds like fun to me."

I am not sure if doing my laundry was fun today, but I was definitely thankful to do it. Even with the 18 pairs of underwear I brought, somehow it never seems to be enough. I swear, the underwear midgets come in the nights an steal things, run things though the mud. Actually, what I think really happens is that it comes down to underwear preference. You know, how you have a total of 18 pairs, but you have a favorite five, then a few mediocre ones, a couple backup's, and then the one or two that you wear in a dire emergency when nothing else is clean. I wasn't that far, but I was reaching mediocre. Anyway. I'm not doing anything weird, it's just nice to have clean clothes.

Now, I could be one of those bloggers who photographs each step, here's the washing machine, here's the detergent... ugh. So boring, I am not going to put you through that. Point is, I did my laundry today. Now it's clean. Yay. Brandon has good smelling detergent and a pretty new Bosch washer so all is well. My wool sweaters are still intact and my really dirty Vans socks are now clean, all three pairs. In fact, I bought them in three different colors so I could tell which ones were dirtier than the others on this trip. And while I'm on that fact, those socks were 8 bucks a piece and they are already getting worn! Perhaps it is more to do with my walking habits than the quality of their fabric but I digress. Brandon says it you love something, you should tell the company how much you love it, and if you are not pleased with something, you should tell them as well.

I did that last week in fact... and I forgot to blog about it. Shocking, you thought that you knew everything about my life these days, didn't you. I wrote a letter to Kelloggs describing my undying love for Stracciatella Special K, they don't sell it in the US. I am hoping they'll send me few boxes, well see. Here's my letter. You can click on it to make it bigger.

A cool thing was that it, being my laundry, dried really quickly as I have a space heater in my room. My socks were dry in like 30 minutes as opposed to the 7 hours plus a blow drier that it took to get them damp last week when I hand washed the grey pair.

Currently, laundry day has morphed into a relax day. I did laundry, washed the dishes (there were a lot!), went out and had a drink, meaning a hot chocolate, with Brandon and one of his friends, came home, read for a bit, planned the trip, ate dinner, and now I have morphed Brandon's salle a manger into my office. It's really nice being in Vichy, full service actually. I have my own room and now an office, where people, kind kind Brandon, bring me tea while I work. Work means responding to emails, attempting to send pictures to Claire, and writing this.

Here is my laundry. This is about half of everything I brought. Needless to say, I am getting pretty tired of my clothes, but I did pack really well. First time in my life.

And here is my room. Can you believe that I made my bed! It looks good

And here is me in the uniform.

And here is our dinner! Frozen pizza from Buttoni Pierre instead of our American Tony

Brandon made a sl.... okay I look up and there are naked people on the tv. Those French! So, Brandon made a salad with goat cheese and apples and almonds. It was really good. This would have been a totally healthy meal if I hadn't prefaced with hot chocolate, chili and rice, buttered cornbread, and a bowl of cereal. Crap, I really gotta stop. But it's so good!

Now I am just drinking tons of green tea.... and I did yoga/exercise for about five minutes and then got tired.  I'm back in my office... the cable went out for a while.

Oh! Wait! I got this email today and I couldn't resist. I hope that this doesn't offend anyone too badly but I thought it was quite a funny pun... and we all know. I love puns!

I am trying to convince Brandon to do a guest blog. We'll see. 

(Wow, after reading this, I think it's one of the more boring blog posts, let's spice it up real quick)

When Brandon was sick last week, by the way, he was really, really sick. (Has anyone noticed my comma overuse yet? I love them. Love them!) This was the day that we staying inside all day because it was freezing and the most action Brandon could handle was moving from his bed to the couch. I, like usual, was looking to spice things up, so I suggested that we all write haiku's! Claire wasn't really into it because she was sucked into the black hole called The Hunger Games, but in between waves of sickness and death, Brandon was able to participate. He wrote two. Here they are:

Brandon is malade.
He should feel better soonish.
If only he knew when.

Look! Oh my gosh, Claire.
I see another cat, there.
Does he have a home? (C'est une S.D.F.)

* malade = sick
* C'est = Its/He's/She's
* une = a
* S.D.F. = homeless person


  1. Love your uniform you look great! Your dinner looks delicious!

  2. You made your bed!!!!Yeah!!!! Can't believe that was frozen pizza. Looked so yummy with the salad. Hope you can keep the writing up in Belgium.
    Love, Milds

  3. Ah, I need to watch some Gilmore Girls again. It's been a while...next time you need to dry your socks you should take Lorelei's advice "oven at 250, ten minutes on one side and 10 on the other." Ha! Loved your spicy post. :o)

  4. you're right! What was i thinking! Actually, what is funnier, i think this must be the most relevant episode of all time, is that right before I left, I washed a pair of socks only. i told milds that it was okay because lorelai did it. milds did not agree :)

  5. Britt, loved your blog especially the desert you had today.

    Anthony Jr.