Monday, April 2, 2012

My Peeps - Getting There

Hey all!

It's been a crazy few days getting here and getting settled. So many cool things and fun stories and only 64% of battery life left to tell it. Let's see how far we can get.

Oh, wait, we're down to 62%, I got distracted.

I left Hawaii at 4:30pm on Wednesday, March 28th and arrived in Atlanta, the next day at 7am.... my connecting flight wasn't until 11:30pm... wow, that is a long time. 16 hours to be exact.

Have you ever thought of all the things that you can do in sixteen hours? A lot of things because that is a lot of time.

Anyway, of friend of my offered that I could spend the day at her parents place near that Atlanta airport. Great! However, it turned out that her mother was out of town that day, so she arranged for me to stay with her neighbor. Still great it turned out.

I called the neighbor, her name is Debbie by the way, and she directed my to her house using the light rail and offered to pick me up at the station near her house.

Well, was I in for a treat because when I came up out of the station, I was in Decateur, GA, and if you have never been there, you should, because it is just so nice!

The town is really really cute and beautiful. Debbie came and got me and took me to here, house, which was stunning, fed me, let me sleep, shower, and then i read for a while. I should throw in there that Debbie is super cool and super niee... basically a twin of my aunt sue! She reads, her house if full of eclectic things, she has an outside table that she actually uses, and she made me poached eggs for breakfast.

I must say, thank you debbie, that was too fun! So thankful for a break from the airport too. Meredith, your homeland rocks!

So, it's about 4:30pm and so I head back to the airport. My cousin Meg, the one whose nearly died in February in Liberia, we heading back and by the grace of God, our layovers overlapped by an hour, So I am rushing to get to her gate and litterally make it there just seconds before she stepped of the plane. Excellent timing! We grabbed a drink next to these two men who I think couldn't believe the stories that we were telling and then headed to here gate, which was packed! She boarded, it was a quick hour, but really good to see her as I hadn't in I want to say two years! That seems long but i think that it's right.

Anyway, I headed to my gate..... three and half hours early, to wait for my next 8 hour flight, whoopie doo.. to Paris!

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