Saturday, October 5, 2013

Omg! Really!

Omg I am so sorry, has it really been almost a month! Wow.... anyway, well obviously I am not still in Amsterdam. There is not THAT much to see. I have so much to say and really no time to write it all down, but maybe one day I will because of course all of my stories are AMAZING! Ha, right, but they are also very long.

After The Netherlands, Lauren and I went to say with my good friend Celia in Brussels. Love Celia, love Brussels, we had a great time. So much so, that we stayed for a week. Celia was nice enough to let us keep staying at her place which was great because still, I had no apartment.

We hung out in Brussels, mingled or at least tried to with some people from the European Commission, discovered Rose Pamplemousse (omg!), ate too many waffles (for you Table people, it was amazing!), ate a lot of fries, went to Bruges and had the most amazing lunch (like top 10), ate at Le Pain Quotidien two days in a row (the have a few in the US, if you live near one, go!), went to a costume party that turned out to not really be a costume party (good thing that at the last minute Lauren decided to take off her eyeliner mustache), talked to Celia's English class about, wow, wow so many things.

But it was finally time to go! We took a bus back to Paris because it was wayy cheaper than a last minute train ticket. It was also an endlessly longer trip complete with a crazy man, Russians attached at the lips, a dying bird, and no bathroom, all on a 5.5 hour bus ride that was supposedly 3.5 hours however they set the clock back one hour to make you think that you are more on time than you actually are. I will take the train next time thank you. Lauren, fresh from China, had absolutely no problem and took a 12 hour bus ride to Lauren the next week, but that's a spoiler.

So this begins the part of our trip called, "Nowhere to Stay." Basically, we start the day with no home and hope that by the end of the day we have found somewhere to stay that night.

So back in Paris to find a home. I will spare you all the details, but two things. My god finding a place was/is hard work. And just like me to prefer the more challenging path, I have never looked for an apartment before, I have always lived with someone else, so why not try to do it in one of the most competitive markets in a language that I semi speak. Excellent.

So currently, in this part of the story, we are at Chez Anita. A possible German woman who's studio we rented for a few days. Cute, not bad location and complete with only hot water. Let's look at that. I have never been burned more times than I have been in the last month but French shower water. My god it scalds. By far the hottest tap water I have ever encountered. But usually, there is some extremely cold water to counteract and to osmosisize it to lukewarm. However, Chez Anita was having a plumbing problem and we only had hot water. Enter in large white bowl from the kitchen filled with cold water, a shower turned on drip and my green loofah to complete the sponge bath.

It was different. It also made it challenging to wash your hair which Lauren and I had waited to do and let me spare you details, but the water here is very drying. So you don't want to go too many days without washing your hair. Wait, thinking back to what I just said.... can water be drying? Is this the Tuxedo?

Okay, stay tuned for more.... I have internet consistently now so I can blog!

A Demain!

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  1. Glad you are back on track blogging. Love your new apt saw pics!