Tuesday, October 22, 2013

La La Land

Basically my life these days consists of eating large amounts of crackers and Caprice des Dieux, attempting to learn french, and reading "Harvard Business Cases." I have also added to that a small 10 euro bag of mini Reeces peanut butter cups which I have almost completely devoured. The only saving grace there was that thankfully, some friends ate some too. But I think I may cave and buy another bag... they are just so good!

So basically, I currently live in La La Land. (And I don't mean L.A.) I am like on crack. Whoever said the Lord will provide beyond what we could ever imagine wasn't kidding. I'm like a drooling idiot constantly... the other day I caught myself staring at the rain because it was just, "so beautiful."

For those of you in the know... do you remember Anna Dugger at her wedding? I mean she looked high the entire time. That is basically me.

Anyway... basically all is well and that is so cool! I have been trying to take a least a picture every day and I have a bunch of old ones.... enjoy! When I say a bunch.... there is a lot! I'll do a few days at a time!

Here is Bilda in France!

Up the Eiffel Tower.. totally NOT scary! Awesome view!

Then we headed to the Loire Valley... Chambord! It's a hunting castle and it's freaking cool!

Then we all (Bilda, Lauren, and me) went to Lyon where we proceeded to try all of Paul Bocuse's restaurants.  We hit two but we ate at one twice! So good!

Lauren discovered her favorite place in the world... the park in Lyon. That plus her bike, she nearly died she was so happy. Insert Anna Dugger face here.

Then Lauren and I went to Geneva. Do you remember how Lauren kept telling me that I looked like I had been stabbed because my face always looked terrible. (I was so stressed out!) She kept taking pictures of me when I wasn't looking and then would show them to me as proof. Here is an example.

Here is Lauren. This photo, she has no idea that I am taking it. She is just ALWAYS smiling. Notice the difference. Ha!

OMG Lake Geneva was amazing! I mean I think I died here and currently I am merely a reincarnation!

So freaking pretty. So what did we do... we got on a boat! Sat up on top with wine. Omg!

It was cold. Lauren took pictures of us bundled and we look like homeless people.

Inside of the ship.

A sign.

A clock lawn creation that everyone in Geneva was taking pictures of so I did to.

Back in France, Lauren and I went to dinner at my favorite place.... The Buca di Beppo of France! La Piazza Papa!

OMG so pumped! so happy and omg so hungry! So hungry!

Bilda left, we went back to Paris, still homeless I was at this point and this is me counting out money to pay my landlord a security deposit because I had no bank account and therefore no checks. Bilda and Lauren and I had spent days cleaning out ATM's trying to get enough money.

 Yeah! New ones tomorrow of what's going on in the present rather than the past!


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