Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Getting Back on Track

So to now to unconfuse everyone.... I landed in Paris, stayed for a few days, then headed up to Amsterdam, then we hit Brussels, and then we came back to Paris.

We had a few days to kill before my parents came. Ironically, made dad had a conference in Lyon the week before I was supposed to start school so it worked out perfectly that I could see and hang out with them on the first half of their trip!

The downside of this is that I took like no pictures because Milds was there and she took them all. If you are her facebook friend, you know what I am talking about. But I'll see what I have.

So Bilda came and I was so excited to see them! The plan was to stay in Paris for a few days and then head down to Lyon, stopping in places along the way. Well, we did a ton.

The first day, like an hour after they got here, we climbed the Eifel Tower! I have never done that. Actually, I have always been terrified to do it! It was not scary at all which was cool and the view was awesome.

We did Versailles (my like 5th time) on a golf cart (that was cool)..

You know what, I could keep recapping you on this or just catch up. Here's the deal.

I have an apartment. I love it, it's amazing! Really, amazing! I should post pictures.. but currently, I have no heat, no hot water, and no electricity in my bedroom. I'm fricken freezing. So how does one cope?


I buy a thousand candles.

And I proceed to light them everywhere. People keep telling me it's a fire hazard. I'm having a freezing hazard! Also, they look pretty!

I have had no all the mentioned about for about a week now. My slumlord doesn't seem to care. Hopefully it will get fixed soon. The electrician called me today but I had no clue what he said, so he's coming tonight or tomorrow at some point... when I wont be here.... All i can say is that is am sure that it will get fixed eventually!

But really, it is so amazing here! I am just loving it!

Here's a couple of pictures. I take these when I am having those, OMG I live in Paris moments.

And my dinner! What a terrible picture. My favorite part about eating it was that it was hot. I love all things hot. 

Wait, just got confirmation, the electrician is coming in 45 minutes! I am so pumped.. So I gotta share the Slumlord story. Come back next time for more. Hey as a bonus, i'll post some pics of my place. 

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