Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Present... Almost

Getting to October, here are some more pictures that I haven't yet posted.

Started with taking a field trip to the champagne region with my class.

We saw this classic car that I think my father has been telling me about for the last 24 years. Glad to finally put a thing with name.

Then we walked down this huge hallway/staircase to visit the crown jewels, also known as Pommery Champagne. I was freaking out becuase I couldn't believe this was part of a school assingment. What the!

Lots of bottles...

Okay, you totally cannot tell what this is so it bring up two points. 1. Q. What is it? A. It's art. 2. What is it? It's the bottom of wine bottles that have been painted on so when light is shown through them it projects the painings.... aka art.

There, now you can kinda see. It was actually really cool!

And then of course me. I thought this was so clever. Most people did but apparently, it's a little weird to associate my name with a place. But I really like it, I think it's pretty!

And then of course you have to have a man pouring 30 glasses of champagne in a row.... duh!

Still on our field trip, but back on the bus.... just driving through FREAKING CHAMPAGNE FIELDS.

Went to a family owned champagne house. This is like the worst picture every but this was a really cool champagne glass. I really wanted to steal it and I was this close, but... I didn't. Should have, could have, would have... didn't.

Next and finally.. omg it was the longest day every, we went to Moet  & Chandon. Which was really cool. If you ask me, it's like the popular kids of champagnes, the ones that have all the cool clothes and totally missed their awkward stage. Case in point, this awesome chandelier made out of champagne glasses.

And than was the end of the field trip. Which was great. It was really good because they crammed our whole class of people who didn't know each other and shipped them away for a day and we all came back friends.

That night I was supposed to move into my appartment but my landlady wasn't ready for me I spent another night at Chez Bruno.. did I ever tell you about him. If someone comments and reminds me I will, otherwise, you can google Bruno Roland. I rented his apartment for a week. He likes to surf. Anyway, the next day, I was to get the keys to my appartment in the morning. Totally didn't happen that way, but like everything in this stage of my life, it is not going according to my plan but to someone else's and that is okay.

So Lauren is boozing it up in Germany, I boozed it  up the day before in France, and now, it is my turn to move my stuff and Lauren's stuff from the storage unit to my 5th floor apartment with no elevator.


Here it is in the storage unit, very neat. (I had just repacked everything that morning).

And here it is on the handy cart that the storage unit has for your use.

So long story short, I ask the guy working at the storage unit to call a taxi. World's Quietest Man Ever Award Right Here. I heard him say not one thing on the phone but after about 10 minutes he hands me a sticky note and whispers to me that the taxi is on it's way.

Taxi guy helps me load... we head off... I'm trying to wrap my head around getting all my stuff up 5 flights of stairs.... and then bam! We pull up to my appartment.

Taxi guy looks at me and says, "You're not carrying that up the stairs, I'll do it for you."

Was he Jesus? And then he did! I literally had no clue what to say! I gave him 10 euros because I didn't know what else to do.

Seriously, seriously!

And then still, my appartment wasn't ready, the cleaning lady had just gotten started. No problem, I was just stoked that everything was up those stairs! Anyway, I left, came back, got locked out... and then fianlly got back in!

Live next to this. The Pantheon. Actually, just found out today that this is where all the famous french writers are buried.

Obligatory trip to IKEA. Wouldn't these be perfect for The Table!

And then here is me waiting for some friends at the opera house.

And then here I am eating lunch and doing school work! Get ready for lots of this same picture, just with a change of food.

View from my window.

View of the park.

More park.

Waiting for another friend... this time I was actually in the wrong place but so worth it. So pretty!

Omg this is the longest blog post ever! The next day I had some time to kill before a french test so I went to hang out at the Eiffel Tower. Freak!

And I ate the world's largest sandwich. Here I am trying to show you that the sandwich was the lenght of my forearm. It was massive!

And of course, even take ways lunch comes in three parts, sandwich, drink, dessert.

Went to French then I ate dinner. Which doesn't look that great. It tasted great...


I didn't do this long enough...

And the chicken, while beautiful... was not fully cooked.

But hey, who needs to know that, right?

Next day. Tuesday because it's my day off... I took yet another obligatory trio to IKEA. I had no dresser in my place and I am trying to move on from "the floor is the largest shelf in the house," method, so I need to buy one. Savior Inma came with me and helped me carry it back!

And then I put it together in a super rush because I had people coming over to dinner and clothes still everywhere!

Dinner with friends... this one guy made this traditional French dessert, île flottant. It was amazing, and the funny thing was, everyone that I told about this the next day, like, freaked out when I said that I had eaten île flottant. Apparently, it's the thing to eat!

Days later... Lauren came back from Germany and brought me a giant kinder egg. I have never had one but I have always wanted one so I was pumped to start off my kinder egg journey with the maxi size!

Next day, my class took a field trip to a wine bar in Paris. No words.

And then I came home and went to dinner with Lauren...

And we got the best gellato ever!

The end! Whew!

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