Thursday, October 24, 2013

The Present

 And all the way up until now!

Lauren and I went to the Pompidou. Lauren looked a really weird art and after about five minutes I commenced with a french prayer walk. I guess you could then call it the Pompidieu. Ha ha ha. Okay, not funny.  Then I found this for my dad.

But, the view from the Pompidou was really amazing! I had never been and when you are on the top floors, you can really see all of Paris.

Then Lauren left and now you are stuck looking at pictures of just me. So then came the days when it was freezing and I had no heat or hot water. Story of the Slumlord still to come. It was funny too, because as soon as I got heat and hot water, the temperature here shot up into the 60's and 70's. Of course it did!

Anyway, there is me writing by candlelight... kinda. Mostly, I was trying to keep my hands warm.

And here's what I ate for dinner. It was delicious! So, there is a staple here called lardons. Which we don't really have them in the US. You can sometimes find it at really high end grocery stores, or you can get a slab of bacon that's invited and that is not sliced and cut it yourself, but essentially, it's huge bacon pieces. Yes!

Here I am facebook chatting... it's like 7th grade is happening all over again. Omg Jessica just blocked Kim and Justin Teruya just messaged me! (Yes, these things really happened, except for this time, I have not unplugged the house phone line to go on AOL.)

And back to what I do all the time here...

So this day, I went outside before it got dark and took some pictures of the Luxembourg gardens. They were closed so I took these through the fence, which actually was better because then there were no people in the picture!

My street. Oh my god, this night was so amazing! The weather has been killer after that 7 day freeze. So so so nice!

More of the gardens.

This is the view from my apartment! So freaking cool! Come visit!

And then here is me... watching tv.. on my computer.  Didn't really have the same effect.

Okay so that was a cool update... But get ready for the next part, it's all about the food!

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