Sunday, October 6, 2013

Amsterdam FinishedBlogenPltaz

Found this draft! So to finish out Amsterdam... this is before Brussels, here is the end of the story. To recap you, we went for three days, the first day we did the Anne Frank Museum and the Cocktail Cruise. 

Anyway, here is the massive hotel room that we stayed it. It was massive! This place also had scalding hot water, maybe it's a European thing. Lauren got burned, complained to me, I had no sympathy, I was like whatever, then I took a shower and karma won. Karma burns!

AmsterdamDamPlatz - okay, I made that name up but I bet my life on it that it's close to what it's really called.

Lauren approves of the name. Also, the weather!!! So amazing! So amazing!

So I can't remember exactly what we were doing, oh wait! I remember, we had to check out of the hotel so we went the train station to store our bags, as soon as we did that, Lauren fell into one of her, OMG I NEED FOOD RIGHT NOW OR I WILL DIE modes. So we went to find somewhere to eat. I was trying to hold out for a place because I wanted to eat on the canal! Duh!!!

Lauren finally got a Heineken. I did too. Can you see the canal?

Omg so I got this tandoori chicken salad which like the lunch in Burges, changed my life! Thinking about this now, I should really go eat a good meal because I'm in freaking Paris and have been essentially eating out of a vending machine lately. Anyway, the salad was amazing.

Shocker, but Lauren got a smoked salmon sandwich. I should start counting how many of these she has ordered. But in her defense, they are her favorite!

Really nice view. We then got attacked by a bee... this is also a theme on this trip. I am not sure why, but at the end of like every meal, we get attacked by bees.

Then it was dessert time of course! Cake pop anyone?!

After lunch, we headed to the Van Gogh Musuem. Also, when you say Van Gogh, you have to make like a lugee sound on the "ohg." It's what all the cool kids do.

I really enjoyed the museum and that was great because I was not all that excited going into it.

I took this picture for anyone who speaks french with a southern accent. Van Gogh painting in the south of France.

After the museum, we had some time to kill before our train to Brussels. I found this note on a shop that I thought was funny. Imagine if all stores ran like this!

We grabbed a drink at a cafe and then headed for the train station. Lauren had another FEED ME moment so she bought some bread which made her happy.

She then proceeded to add the three day old, refrigerated cheese to the mix.

In her words.... delicious! In my words.... yuck!

Anyway, so fun. Off the Brussels we went! But you already knew that!

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