Saturday, May 19, 2012

Salzburg Day 2

Hey peeps! So let's talk about last nights sleep in Salzburg. In a word, it sucked. We were in a six bed dorm. Whatever no big deal. However, there was this fat dude who snored. I have no idea how to describe to you in words the noises....noises.... that he was making. One, it was gross. It wasn't just a snoring noise that got me. It was the choking, spitting up, slurping, cough, and then wake up that was getting me. It was so gross and he did it the entire night!

I have patience for a lot of things.... snoring is NOT one of them. I could not handle it. Brandon on the other hand.... slept right through it.

In the morning, I was pissed. So so pissed. I was awake when he got up and I wanted to say to him, ''you snore.'' I didn't, instead I just stared at him which I think kind of creeped him out.

Anyway, combine that with this girl being really loud while getting ready in the morning and the fact that he suitcase was filled with smelly food, mostly cheese, a piece of which she left on Brandon's bunk, and I didn't really like her either.

Besides that, the hostel was nice enough. Clean. But the crowd there was so bizarre. Every type of person was there. Old, young, hip, straight edge, weird, normal, tall, short. Everything. Brandon and I chalked it up to the fact that there are not that many hostels in town.

So, after the morning, we grabbed breakfast, which you had to pay for...uck. Ha that looks like I am copping out on the fword when really i just want you to hear me make the sound. Okay, so we paid for food, I left Brandon eating, he packs it in when it's all you can eat, and ran upstairs to blog at least a little bit! Gotta do it while I can. Kinda of what I am doing now.

Soon after, we headed out. The day was stunning and our first stop was the Trick Fountains. We headed to the center of town and ran to catch the bus. We had been on the bus for about 3 mintues when what flew in but a huge wasp! And of course, it decided to stay on the window right next to me. AAAHHH! I freaked out. But there was no where that I could go! The bus was full.

I tried to remain calm, tried being the keyword. Finally, about 5 minutes later, these amerians got off and I took their seats. Saftey! Brandon was unfazed. I, thankfully, had escaped with my life.

We made it to the Trick Gardens. I was so exctied about these. These gardens were built by the archbishop to play jokes on his guests. Everywhere you go there are these hidden fountains that can spray you!

And of course, our tour included a huge group of Austrian field trip kids. Kill me now please.

After the Trick Gardens, which I really liked, if you are ever in Salzburg, they are definitely worth a visit.

Arleem, everywhere I go, I think, Arleem and Delvis would love this! Please let me plan a trip to Europe for you!

We then walked around the Archbishops property for a bit.

There was a zoo but we didn't go in.

And then we found some more stairs to climb.

After seeing the Archbishops house, we deided to head back to the center of town. Here is a sign for the Trik Fountains that we saw as we were leaving.

Back in Salzburg, people were eating lunch. This was where I had gotten my ''pus dog'' from the day before. Eating like the locals, what can I say.

But instead of the sasuages for lunch, we bought some dried fruit and nuts, and then Brandon bought this massive chocolate covered pretzel doughnut.

And I had a pretzel sandwich. It was delicious! I am now obsessed with pretzel bread.

After we finished our food, it was time to do the castle! You can take a funicular to the top, but we choose to save some cash and walk. Guess what greeted us?

Yep... stairs! Here we go.

On the walk up, found this. Twilight in Austria....check!

Let me just say, it was really really steep. Really, really steep.

At one point there was these boards on the ground to help you get up. If you are not really into walking, I would really recommend the funicular.

And we made it! So worth it.

We took the castle tour which was great. There was this really neat timeline inside. It was huge. It compared the history of the castle, the history of Salzburg, and the history of the world.

This is another view from the castle. Here you can really see how the executioners house was separated from the rest of the town.

There was a cafe in the castle so we took a break. I had this really yummy cranberry juice that was fizzy.

After our pause, we then did the last part of the castle tour. This last part has an audioguide and takes you to the highest lookout in the castle.

Then we headed into the marionette musuem.

The marionette song in The Sound of Music is my favorite.

The castle was great. Such great history and great views and really pretty. You can really see how it used to function like a city. 

After we headed back to our hostel to change clothes, the temperature has been dropping quickly as soon as the sun goes down. We met a new guy in the hostel, a Canadian reporter. I didn't really like him. He was pretty arrogant, but Brandon was talking to him for a bit as he was from Vancouver and Brandon and his family are going on a trip there in June.

I was blogging and getting hungry. Claudio, are tour guide from the day before, had recommended a restaurant for us to eat at. Guess what was next to it!

Dad! Do you remember this place. My family went into the bookstore when we had been in Austria several years before.

On our way to the restaurant, it started to rain. We ended up running along buildings, from awning to awning, trying to stay at least a little dry. I of course was wearing my Vans which all but dissolve in the rain. This running alongside buildings is really becoming a trend this trip.

The dinner place was awesome. The place was really cool and the waitress was really trying hard to help us in English. I ordered lemonade and got sprite but whatever. They were really helpful.

We ordered a mixed grill plate to share... the people next to us were eating the same thing. It was like 6 different types of meat served with rice and potatoes. It's huge!

Then when it came to dessert, we got suckered into ordering a way overpriced "Salzburg Specialty." It was 12.50 euros for whipped eggs and sugar baked with raspberries. I ate like two bites. Brandon took one for the team and finished it.

Can't believe he ate all of that! Amazing. Enorme!

Food was great. Brandon accidentally almost left a 48 euro tip when trying to pay the bill, twice. Thankfully, the waiter noticed and didn't accept it. We headed back, exhausted, to find that snoring man was still there. Ahhh. But his friend was nice, so that helped.

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  1. Britt not complaints from me, plan the trip and I am there. Del is another story, I love the gardens.