Saturday, May 5, 2012

Prague Day 2 Part 1

All I can say is yes! Do you see this... sun!!!!! It was sunny and hot! Yes!!!!!! So happy!

View from our window. Do you see that blue sky! 

We walked across the street to the market and grabbed some cereal and milk. To be honest, this was not the greatest cereal that I have ever had. Thank god for the chocolate pieces and dried cherries in it because the bran part was rough.

Breakfast on the balcony anyone? Did I mention that this hostel has free nespresso all day anytime! "Big or small? With milk?"

Okay, here is the rundown on the room. All I can say is stay here if you are in Prague. Best location, best owner, best place, best price, stay here.

The entry way

Part of the kitchen

More kitchen

Microway and window

Hallway with closets
 More hallway

Beds, TV, table and sofa

More bed

View from our window again!

It looks like IKEA exploded here... which is a good thing. After breakfast, we headed out for the day! First stop... Prague Castle! It's steps to the top! A lot of steps. It was hot! It was great. Also, the hostel gives us free water bottles! I drank and entire 1.5 litre by the time I got to the top of the steps!

View from halfway up.

Made it!

Prague Castle is in front of a cool square. Some men were playing music and we made it just in time to see the changing of the guard.

Some of the square.

Here are some pictures from inside Prague Castle. So many!

This room was used for jousting tournaments.

"the balance of power in the diet changed".... loved that line!

Pretty ceiling

Bride! Can't away from them!

Met a cool american here. He drove on the Grand Turismo Track in Nuremberg.


Odd hat for a knight!

They lowered prisoners into this hole!

Yeah! All of Prague Castle... czech! It's time to eat!!!

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  1. Thanks Britt for sharing such amazing pics of Prague Castle and all the history and the hostel seems great. Loved the scarf in your picture on the top, like usual you look great. Have fun and keep blogging.

    we are fortunate to have a beautiful day in South Florida as well. We had three weeks of rain on the weekend.

    Love, Arleem