Monday, September 2, 2013

Nothing Really Exciting

So first off, sorry about all the typos, but I'm thinking that you got what I was saying. Proofreading really is a beautiful thing.... when you do it. Maybe today.

Currently, it's 4:30 in the morning. I am so tired at night yet wake up so so early. And then the vicious cycle continues. Either way, it's good for you all because when I wake up this early, I have time for an update!

Like the title says, to be honest, I have nothing exciting to report because really, everything that we have done the last two days had been..... BORING! Seriously, boring, but needed to get done.

Let's see, Sunday, went to church, walked around a bit exploring neighborhoods trying to get a feel for where is good place to live and where is not... oh wait! I have to tell about this! We accidentally ran into a rollerblading parade/race. One minute we're walking down the street the next were quickly bombarded by thousands of rollerbladers. And I do mean thousands. Lauren has a video which I must post later when I steal it from her phone. So that was pretty cool. Most things are closed on Sunday so the city is pretty dead so this was a nice surprise and livened things up a bit. We saw a Syria protest and then went and ate pizza. FYI, I love pizza so you're going to hear about it a lot.

Monday was really exhausting. An actual weekday so the apartment search began. Let's start by saying, this is not easy! Not at all. Another thing to point out..... I have never spoken this much french in my life! Normally I am with someone who speak wayyy better than I do so they talk. Not the case! I do all the talking and it is so good for me! In recap, we hit 5 rental agencies, 4 of which had no listings. I got a cell phone, we bought a train tickets, train discount cards, ate lunch, saw the opera house (that was actually fun), and then finally saw an apartment. Whew and my god we were exhausted. Barely made it to dinner... which was pizza. Don't worry, we ate french things for breakfast and lunch.

Anyway, not the most exciting two days but trying to keep you all up to date! But get excited.... on either Tuesday or Wednesday, depending on apartment viewings, Lauren and I are going to hit up Belgium and the Netherlands. Get pumped! You know who you are Belgian Waffle people.

Until then!

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