Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Fun France


So my genius plan of ditching my computer and blogging from my iPad has a few kinks.  One big one being my memory on iPad is full of Grey's Anatomy, there is no room to upload any pictures from my camera. So I now have to post pictures to my blog from my phone, and then go add the comments on iPad. But that's okay, it keeps it interesting. It's also teaching to me type on iPad. And you thought that the typos were bad before!

So today, I am actually in Amsterdam but I can't show you my pictures from Amstedam for reasons I mentioned above and I have some pictures from the last few days in France. So Amsterdam update tomorrow and France update now.

So, Monday was still more apartment hunting. An oh, it was a thousand degrees outside. Like surface of the sun hot. I have never felt the energy of the sun until yesterday. Thank god that my shirt was quick dry.

Walking around, in the heat, we came across this hotel and bar.  I should stay here or at least imbibe something he sometime. How appropriate, right? Maybe we can come celebrate here when I finally find a place to live.

These pictures are a bit out of order, it was the best I could do, but here is the view from our hotel room.  I randomly choose a hotel somewhere in Paris because it was cheap and I needed it for my visa, but then I forgot to cancel it so we actually stayed there, which turned out to be the cutest neighborhood!

Saw this blue door and blue car. It needed to be captured for color alliteration or assonance sake.

Opp, here's another picture of my bar. Told you, out of order.

Alright, so that was Monday. We we're getting kicked out of the hotel on Tuesday so we needed a plan.  Stay in Paris and look for apartments that don't really exist yet because the entire country is still one vacation, or go on a trip ourselves and deal with important life things later. Well duh, leave! It actually wasn't that irresponsible, there really were no apartments to see until Monday so we split!

Thank god for my storage unit. Essentially, we have moved into that. Leaving our hotel for the storage unit to repack our bags so they were light!

Because these are way way too big! Remember, we have ones one the front too! That honestly was hard on the lungs.

Hmm...Walking to the storage unit.... It was HOT!

We repacked, picture to come, ditched th bags and explored. Lauren wants me to drink more water so here she is kindly refilling my water bottle.
We walked around a bit more before heading back to the station to catch our train to Amsterdam.

So to recap....typing on iPad sucks, France was hot, i still have no place to live, and now off to Amsterdam!


  1. Trade lives? You come back to Blacksburg and work in the lab and I'll move into your place in Paris :)