Thursday, May 1, 2014

Since we have such a hope, we are very bold...

Now granted, I feel that the title of this post is almost completely wasted on the content because the title is so great! But I read that today and I really liked it and in the spirit of attempting to maybe possibly getting this blog post back on track, thanks of course to the numerous requests... which is very cool, I had to find some motivation. Anyway, read that verse and it compelled me to write.

I hope you have a hope that makes you very bold.

So here I am, writing. It's May 1, some sort of holiday in France. Really, not sure what it is for, but they are selling special flowers. I guess in the interest of becoming completely absorbed in the culture, I should read up on the significance of May the 1st, but for now I'll just stay here with you.

I guess I can also say, thanks to the reminder from Megan DeBoard, it's May/Lei Day. So perhaps a yarn lei should be in the making. We'll see. So much yarn needs to be reserved for my arm knitting projects which shocker.... are also on a "petite pause."

In other news....

So this week began Gillian Michael's 30 Day Shred... or whatever it is called. After graciously "borrowing" the dvd from Lauren, thank you AppleTV, and getting over the initial shock of her overly masculine presence, not to mention the size of her arms, I can now completely understand how those people on the Biggest Loser lose weight.

One, the workout is hard but short. Just when you think you are going to die, it ends.

Two, you can totally tell when she tells you that she understands that arm circles are hard, that she is used to exercising with people who are easily four times her size or perhaps just grossly out of shape. However, I am not four times her size, and Day 2, I am having trouble with the arm circles. So who am I to judge... I am just as out of shape as the next guy.

So, Day 2 and sitting to go to the bathroom is almost more painful than it's worth. Just kidding but I am sore!

Reminiscient of the early days of summer when HBA volleyball would recommence and I would hide in the bathroom to avoid running around the campus. Still to this day I wonder if people ever figured that out.

But to be honest... and I am being completely serious here, I think that even only after two days... it's really really working! Ahh It's kind of rediculous.

So, only being on Day 2, I highly recommend this. We'll see though how I feel Days 3 and 4.

Not too much going on in France. The weather has been almost completely terrible all the time with the short exception of the morning when I am trying to my inverted crunches and bicycle sit-up's that the sun chooses to shine... right.. Super special.

I really want to post some pictures but the weather is so terrible, any pictures I take look a bit glum. I suppose tomorrow I can capture some of my arm circles... those will be sure to enchant.

Alright, there is an update... don't go too far... I promise, ha!, in the near future that I will try to make things more exciting. For now, just hope I survive until the next post.

I'll leave you with this.. Not overly current as it clear from the sunshine but beautiful none the less.

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