Sunday, October 7, 2012

Japan 2

Not sure where I left you all....what story was I telling??

Hmmm... anyway, carrying all the luggage through the metro was really reminiscient of doing in in Paris with Brandon. Difference there was that I was almost crying. This time, I merely ripped my shirt in two places. 

It was a journey. We hit the hotel long enough for me to rinse off and then were off to a dinner at the Pfeil's (a missionary family) house. They work with the missionary, Seima, that we are here to visit. The dinner was great. We met a bunch of locals who I genuinely enjoyed talking to. They were super pumped about Hawaii so hopefully we'll get to see them again after this trip.

After the dinner, we were pretty much dead. We headed back to the hotel and crashed.... until 5:30am.

Pretty good if you ask me, but I thought that my clock was still on Hawaii time so when I woke up, I thought I had only slept for an hour! Such a relief to find that I had actually slept 6 (I am dying right now I am so so tired!)

We ate breakfast at the hotel, and then met up with Jon Pfile. Jon now works in Tokyo but previously worked in Chiba, a town about an hour from here near the airport. This is where MTW first started the Japanese church plants so we wanted to go see a few, ha there are only "a few," of the churches down there. 

Street in front of our hotel. It was raining this morning but it was such a nice break from the crazy humidity.

Jon's car.

Buildings of Tokyo


Church #1. If I have the story right, one church split into three. This is the original one.

Same church, different angle.

Lunch at 7-11.... espressoda anyone?

MaryAnn opted for a large grapefruit juice.

Me eating gyoza in the car.... I think that I will be eating a lot of gyoza!

I ate this too...

More disney

Tokyo skyline as you drive into Tokyo!

Trash room

I was so clean. It was this huge room of trash.... it had NO smell!

The trash and this lobby are at the Pfeil's apartment building.

Ginza! On our way to our third church service of the day.

Curved building

Illegal diamonds!

Tokyo is bidding for the 2020 olympics. There is stuff everywhere!

I'm falling aslee.....

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  1. Awesome photos! Metro's are always tough when hauling luggage but especially when it's all on your back and you don't have a place to sleep that night. Espressoda sounds gross. Please tell me you tried it. Keep the updates coming : )

    - Brandon