Thursday, October 6, 2011

I'm Back

That's right people! I am back in the blog world. To be honest, I even don't know where I have been. You would think that when one makes a promise and public as this one, to write, each and every day, that she would at least follow through for a little while. Well, obviously I didn't. And it wasn't because I wasn't writing. I just wasn't writing to you, mostly to me. So there.

But yes, for all of those keeping me in check, probably just myself, I have been writing, frequently. Not everyday, but frequently. But lately, it's been so abstract, not really anything tangible to share, that posting it here would have just been some sad attempt at me writing something that tries to have meaning, but really doesn't. Welcome to the blogosphere world of the 21st century.

I am trying to stay away from that. Here, at you get the cold hard facts. I bring to you the coolest points of the days happenings! Who am I kidding. Once in a great while i'll come up with something cool that I saw or found, or maybe i'll write something that on some level is interesting to the general public... but no guarantees. That's why I write here, and not for something else, right?

So get ready, I am back in full force to share my mediocrity with you all. And please, don't feel bad for me, calling myself mediocre and all. Because honestly, that's where I am right now. I'll be beyond mediocre soon, maybe even great, but right now, I am learning and honing, and taking it all in. Everyone has to hit the middle before the top!

Alright, to wrap this up and not make it all about me.... I just finished reading the three books that make up The Hunger Games trilogy. If you are a girl, or maybe even a boy, but probably you should be a girl, go get a hold of these right now. I don't care if you don't like to read or you don't have time. These books will solve both of these problems. I posted them on the books tab so no excuses. These are like the best things that I have ever read. (Don't take that too literally.) Read them, read them, read them.... Read them now!!!


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