Friday, October 28, 2011

Hold the phones... I've been running

So, for those of you who know me, I hate to run. I used to hide in the bathrooms at volleyball practice just to get out of our daily warm-up. But I am a Burkhalter, and if you have met any of us, you will soon see that running is not our thing, though, on occasion, we do if only to keep in shape.

Well, it was time. I have been so stagnant for so long at this point, just the thought of exercise is exhausting. My dieting method of "Eating for One," while effective, was really no fun and was something that I can never stick to for more than a few months. I hate it, but I think that I am addicted to processed foods and being full! Thank you United States, my kids are never having anything that is wrapped in cardboard and bigger than a fist.

Anyway, so the point is, I have spent the last four years packing on the pounds, it was delicious thank you, and now is time to get real. That and for me just to get off the couch for water left me breathless. So, Brandon came and slapped me into shape. It was like Barry's Bootcamp but Brandon style. All in all, while he was here, I think that I got more exercise, more sleep, and lost more weight than I had in all my time at college.

But then he left, and my inner sloth returned. For a sloth, he sure is aggressive. But then (again), by the grace of God, my sister decided to join the paddling team.

Now, for those of you who don't know, I think that paddling is probably one of the toughest sports, conditioning wise. It is one of those things like dance, or cheerleading, where you think the people are stupid when actually they could kill you with just one of their ripped muscles. But in order to become one the gods of the ocean, she had to start running, and she has been inviting me to join. So nice of her!

I have been running three times this week. First two times, made the mile, but with a break. Yesterday, I hit a new level, seriously, and made it to about a mile and half. What will this upcoming week hold? Hopefully more running because my clothes are going to look awesome and I will be eating whatever I want! Ahh, the small price to pay for gluttony!

That plus I love wearing my ankle high Vans socks with my bright yellow West Virginia shorts.... I look so cool!

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