Sunday, June 10, 2012


(Pretend that I am not ten days behind.)


After yesterday's events, I don't think anyone would blame me if I never wanted to venture out again. But it's Dubrovnik, The Pearl of the Adriatic, the sun was shining, you'd be nuts to stay inside.

We made the 30 minute walk to the old town and got ready to explore!

There is really not too much to say expect that the place really is stunning. I have never seen water that color!

We walked around for a while to get a feel of the place and by that time it was lunch time. We had already gone to the tourism office the night before to ask directions to Spahetteria Toni, and then twice this morning with various questions. Oddly enough, each time, we talked to the same girl. I went in for the third time today to ask her for a lunch suggestion. She sent us here. Tutto Bene. Nice!

More wandering around the place.

This guy turned out to be really rude but it was cool watching him jump.

Love this picture!

And then it was time to take a break. I wanted to write some postcards but didn't have a pen. So we went to the post office to buy some stamps and while I was paying.... Brandon commandered a pen. You'll see later.

We grabbed some ice cream... it was quite warm.... mine was so good! It was blood orange but it tasted like a Flintstones Push Pop! Um, yes!

After the ice cream, we went to the tourism office, yet again, to ask our now friend, where we buy tickets to walk the city wall. She directed us, we thanked her for her awesome lunch suggestion... to be honest, how often do you think that happens, ha, and walked across the street to buy tickets.

We got a wicked student discount and headed off.

The entirety of the old town is surrounded by the city wall as it used to be its own state. Now you can walk the wall. It think they said it was 3km all the way around, so it takes a couple of hours.

Isn't the sky really cool!

A flag.

Like this picture!

Doesn't it all look fake.

So about here we find two groups of people on of which was French. I am not sure if I have mentioned this yet but, I had read somewhere that in Croatia you will hear more French than Croatian or English. I thought was funny because before leaving France, so many French people kept telling us how great Croatia was... however most of them had never been there. Well, the book was right, French was everywhere.

This particular group of French speakers were great. They were about 60, there was about 10 of them, and they were here to have fun. And have fun they did. They loved the tower and views, they loved making fun of the other tourists around them, they loved climbing onto things. It was great. They were a fun group.

After the wall hike, we went around the city a bit more. There was a church that we hadn't yet been in. So, and wow, I wish I had pictures, not of the church, but of what happened. We go into the church, it is small, and the first thing that I see is a man in a blue windbreaker and khakis, and a fat women wearing black.

Brandon had gone in before me and was off the right a bit. Just like how I freaked out on the bridge in Prague with Johannah, I freaked out and make a beeline for Brandon.

It was Paul and Fat Linda! Remember them from two days ago. I guess they made it to Dubrovnik!

Brandon of course had seen them and was playing it cool. We avoided them for about 5 minutes and then I went over to talk to Paul. He was safe. Soon enough though, Fat Linda came over. She proceeded to complain to the three of us about something. We took it for a while and then said we had to leave.

Love it! What chance to see them twice... and in the same outfits too! What a treat! After that, I needed a break. Coffee time?

And here is the pen that Brandon stole. It worked quite well. And it came with a stand too!

A really fancy hotel in Dubrovnik that we stood outside of for 20 minutes just people watching and trying to look cool.

We had planned to go a place that Nina recommended for dinner but ended up finding a cool pizza place and eating there instead. At fist we were sitting next to some really annoying British girls talking about weight loss... ah fin, it was these two girls complaining to one another. One would complain and the other would build her up, and then they would switch. And they were loud! Thankfully, they left about 10 minutes after we got there.

We both ordered the veggie pizza, Brandon the large, me the small. While we were waiting for the food, Brandon went to the bathroom and who passed by our table but.....

Paul and Fat Linda!

I said hello, thankfully, Lind...err, Fat Linda didn't say anything.

Dinner was great. The waiter accidentally brought out red wine instead of white, we didn't play helpless tourist and sent it back. Yes! He was really nice about it.

After dinner we headed to a bakery to eat our heart out on pastries. We got three....shocking, they weren't great.;

30 minutes back to Nina's... Brandon found an unlocked car....we didn't steal it.

And scene!

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  1. Wow, those pictures are amazing. I think I always say that when I comment. Ha.