Tuesday, August 2, 2011


What!! What! I got a comment! That was cool. Very cool.

On another note. I have been up to virtually nothing these days. I need a job.... anyone hiring? But really, recently my days consists of cleaning my room, watching The Office, cooking dinner, and the occasional run.Which is fine, but I think that I'll burn through the excitement that those things have to offer pretty quickly.

So to go along with my random life, here are a few of the random life lessons that I am currently learning.

1. I got glasses and who knew, leaves actually have trees. That and I have also discovered the reason why I make so many typos!!!

2. The top 5 Office episodes that I have been watching and that no one should miss are:
      1. Fun Run
      2. The Delivery Part 1 but mostly Part 2
      3. Casino Night
      4. The Dinner Party
      5. The Injury

3. Don't go see:
      1. Cowboys and Aliens....... Unless you are a guy, then go now
      2. Crazy Stupid Love...... It was a Crazy Stupid Movie

4. Kings Of Leon just cancelled their North American tour. The reasons they gave for the cancellation were vague and bogus, but I am hoping for a juicy story. And Caleb just got married, his poor wife. Mostly I feel bad for Band of Horses who they were touring with. What a waste!

5. I am trying to be more positive. Suggestions?

1 comment:

  1. Look at one good thing that happens everyday. We have blessings given to us everyday!