Wednesday, February 9, 2011

What New With You


So instead of doing the tons of work that I have to do today, I instead messed around with the layout of my blog. Not really sure that I love what I have done with the place, but maybe in the next few weeks it will start to look better. I like the old background, but it was really busy and dark, and dark, with the exception of my clothes, is definitely not me.

So for the apple pie. That was not the worlds greatest recipe. The best part of that pie was the crust, and that was store bought. The pie itself came out too runny, so the crust wasn't crisp, and there was way, way too much lemon. It wasn't bad, just not a recipe to keep, or to rave about.

Just got my webcam fixed on my computer today so I think that it would be cool if I did a video blog, i'll keep thinking about that one. Hopefully nothing else will get screwed up this machine.

This week I started ordering cd's off ebay again. I used to do this all the time in high school. They are dirt cheap, like 3 bucks, shipping included, you get a hard copy, and you can also put it on your computer. Love it. Just got one for 99 cents and $1.99 shipping. Not a bad deal for 13 tracks. Cheaper than itunes if you ask me.

By the way, if you don't, I basically hate itunes. It's great for listening/discovering/organizing new music, and yes I use it daily (call me a hypocrite). But it kills good songs. It stops you from buying the whole album and working towards liking other songs on that record, and it kills the hard copy industry... no me gusta.

Right now I am listening to Something Cooperate. Love it.

Oh, saw this today, its really cool.

This man paints himself into scenery, so well you almost can even tell that he is there! His name is Lui Bolin and his amazing.


Here's the link.There's a bunch more pictures of his stuff. So cool!

One last thing. Word.


   VUR-dnt  , adjective;
Green with vegetation; covered with green growth.
Lacking experience or sophistication; naive

Go be cool.

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